Materials Purchasing for International Teams V2.0

Dear all RM teams from North America or other international regions:
In order to simplify the process of making an offline purchase of the materials. Now there is another method that perhaps would serve your convenience.

  1. Fill out the offline purchase order excel sheet as you made the offline purchase before. Please remember to put all the information.
    If you have never made an offline purchase for discounted materials, please check this post: 2022 materials offline purchase V4.0

  2. Send your purchase order excel sheet to & State your team name, team id in the email.

  3. After a review within 48hr, you will receive a payment link from Yindividual LLC, you will be able to obtain a legit invoice of your purchase, you can also forward the payment link to your school’s procurement department or get reimbursement.

*Please be aware:
a. The purchase limit for each discounted item still apply when you place the order through this method. Please keep track of your purchase limit for the record.

b. Yindividual LLC is a company registered in Virginia, USA, thus, sale tax will be collected when the purchase is made, sale tax rate is based on the location of the buyer. If your school has tax exemption status, please send a tax exemption certificate to
Yindividual LLC will try to fulfill the requirement of your school department such as registering to be a vendor of your college.

c. The discounted price is the same as you make an offline purchase directly with DJI.

d. The order will be shipped from Hong Kong, China. The estimated wait time is 10-16 days. If you have any trouble with the import custom, please contact Yibo on Discord: Yibo Zheng#9961

Additional fees or waver are listed below:
Teams are responsible for the sale tax of each purchase.
Teams are responsible for the platform fee from Stripe: 2.9%+$0.3/transaction. In the quote from Yindividual LLC, there will be an item stated as “reverse platform fee”, this fee won’t be taxed. [Equation: $Total before platform fee(1-2.9%)+$0.3=$Total after adding reverse platform fee]

There will be NO shipping cost
Bank wiring fee to IFlight, Hong Kong is covered by DJI, teams DO NOT need to pay international wiring fee if the purchase was made through this method.

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