2022 materials offline purchase V4.0

The offline order sheet has been recently updated, check out the original source here: https://www.robomaster.com/en-US/resource/pages/announcement/1377

Specifically, if you want to make an offline purchase, you are looking at the [section 4] in the announcement.

*Please make sure you send the full amount of the payment when you are doing a wire transfer, be aware of the wiring fee.
*Purchase invoice will be emailed to you once the items are shipped.
*Technically, it will take 2-3 weeks to have your order delivered.
*update on 2/24/2022, price change on the TB Batteries

RM2022 Materials Purchase 4.0.xlsx (59.7 KB)

If you have any other questions, please let in the comment below.



I have a couple of clarifying questions. Our team hasn’t used the offline purchase in a long time so no one really knows the nuances of the form anymore.

It appears that the offline order discounts won’t apply until you have registered for this year’s competition. Is this correct? So we should wait until we have registered for this years competition to purchase, or can we use last year’s registration information?

What does “Postcard” mean in the “Express delivery information” section of the offline purchase order?

If we register for both RMUC and RMUL, is the number of items available for purchase at a discounted level listed in “Appendix I Accessories” additive? For the M3508, for example, after passing the RMUC and RMUL registration assessments, would we be able to purchase 18, 12, or 6 M3508’s at a discounted price? For reference, the row in the appendix for the M3508 is shown below.

Technically, if you have the team code, you can try to submit the purchase order with the offline purchase form. The [Postcode] is the zip code of your shipping address.
The ROMC should give you an official response of whether or not your purchase will be approved. If you decided to make the purchase and send the email to RMOC, please remember to cc’ me yiboz@vt.edu I will keep my eyes on your request status as well.
Regarding the discount quantity of the items, just put down the amount you want to buy, they will go through the censorship anyway.
Right now (10/6) to 10/10 is the national holiday in China, please expect a delay on the responding.

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