Fixing Your VTM Modules For New Server Versions

So your VTM no longer works post competition?

That's okay! After some testing between TAMU and NYU, we have a way for you to fix your modules so you don't have to downgrade server editions every time!


Important Note: This is NOT a guide on how to Activate your VTM, use Tool2l, or use the Server or Client. Please go here for all the pages relevant to those topics.

(Yes I isolated them out of the Referee System Manual, you're welcome)

Deactivating your VTM

First thing is first, you gotta deactivate your VTM. Open up that RMTools_Special_Edition Zip, and double click RoboMaster Tool2.exe. You will be greeted with this screen:

Select the fifth option in all Chinese characters, between the options starting with “Mac” and “RFID”. The screen should now look like this (translations included). This is known as the “VTM Activation Screen”.

Most people’s transmitters seem to be the problem, so click the option “T Setting.” You’ll see this screen below:


Click “Mode 3: Inactivated” in the drop down (the third option). With your VTM Transmitter plugged into your MCM, you can now click “Set” and it should deactivate your VTM.

Reactivating your VTM

Now using your own RMTool2 software, reactivate your VTM with the process outlined in the Referee System manual (see above). After configuring and installing the modules on your robot, your VTM should now be working!

Thanks for the read!