Setting up the Supercapacitor Management Module CM01 as part of the referree system

Our team is looking at SMM User Guide Pdf. We are uncertain about the specifications we need for the “Power Control Board” on Page 9.

  • What are the requirements for the Power Control Board?
  • Does the SMM control charge and discharge of the capacitor bank that we would be building?
  • If so, are there specifications for how we should design our capacitor bank?
  • Do we need a custom power control board to handle switching for the capacitor bank?

If anyone has built a system with this, please share your infinite wisdom :joy:

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  1. This is the board you make which manages switching between power sources for the chassis power, determines when to charge or discharge your supercaps, etc.
  2. No, that is the role of the PCB (Power Control Board not printed circuit board XD)
  3. Yes. Refer to the “University League Robot Building Specifications Manual”
  4. Yes. This is the PCB, as mentioned in (1)

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