Setting up RMServer 2021

Does anybody have experience setting up RMServer v7.0.2.7 as given on the robomaster website: link
Does anybody have the specific version/configuration/software used in RMNA 2021?

I also posted this question in the discord but I believe keeping relevant discussion here is more permanent.

  1. Here is the RMclient for practice: RMUL Client_v7 Full English_For Practice.rar - Google Drive
    You will only use the practice version because the official version needs to connect to the competition network during the real game.
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  1. Here is the RMserver v7.5: RoboMaster Server_v7.5.1.52(RMUL) - Google Drive
    notice: technically, you don’t need the server for practice at all, the server can be fully functional only if you have the full set of competition equipment, it needs the RFID starting card, competition router and couple of ethernet switches. If you are trying to control the robots through first person view on a PC, the RMclient will serve your purpose.

I also believe that you would need the handheld RF devices that connect the robots to the server before the match starts. It’s the little tiny remotes you see the refs use to connect the robots when they take the robot on the field

I’m like 95% there is no way you can get those though. Just stick to the practice client for now and that’ll server you well for getting that FPV as well as testing custom UI

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If you don’t have the RFID start card, the server will still work if you go to the MCM and do

  1. wifi ->scan networks
  2. pick
  3. wait for it to connect
  4. do this every time you turn the robot on
    To exit ‘online mode’,
  5. goto Debug
  6. check ‘offline mode’

@yiboz If we have the RFID card and RFID module, how do we set the RFID card to function as the start card?
AKA: How do we program the RFID cards? What if we want them to do things like heal the robots?
Is there special software to do this?

Hi, sorry for the late reply.
Typically, if you purchased the RFID card through an official method, the card should have ready been encoded for activating the robot with an RFID module. You need to open and set up the competition server & client correctly, then you should see the robot is connected to the server. When you tap the card to the module, the robot status should be shown as “live/online”.
If you assume your RFID card is a blank card with no information encoded. Please contact me personally through discord. I’m contacting the manufacturer to see if there is a solution for remotely.

the tiny device works the same as the RFID card. it is designed for activating the sentry robot because there is no RFID module attached to the sentry. For the robots on the ground, you may recall that the referees had to reach the bottom of the robots and activate them with the RFID cards on hand.

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