Does anyone have a 3D model of either the RMUL or RMUC field? or know where to find one?
Any File Format will do.


We made a few of the field elements that the engineer interacts with by hand a while back. If it’s any use to you, here are the files:


I’m not sure if there are any publicly available full-field CAD models, or at least if there are I wasn’t able to find any.

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They do post full-field CAD for RMUC. I’ve been trying to find the original page on their damn site for 30 minutes now and am still working on it. If I can’t find it, I’ll just post the copy we have from our Perforce server. I’d rather avoid doing so, since it may have been modified by our team in unknown ways and/or not be up-to-date.


I checked in with another team member. It sounds like the models we’ve worked with were made by a Chinese team and posted on the forums, rather than official. I was fairly sure it had been posted by DJI; they might have re-posted/endorsed it, or I might be mis-remembering. Either way, take it as-is, no promises on correctness.

I’ve linked a copy of the files we have below. These are labelled as the “2020” field… I believe that is correct, i.e. they are for the competition that would have occurred 12 months ago. In theory the assembly has parts defined in-place so should be standalone. I don’t have SolidWorks on an easily-accessible machine so you’ll have to let me know how it goes.



Marking this as the solution unless an official version is found. To my knowledge though this’ll be the best you can get.

Here’s the download link https://terra-1-g.djicdn.com/b2a076471c6c4b72b574a977334d3e05/RoboMaster%E8%B5%9B%E5%8A%A1%E8%B5%84%E6%96%99%E6%96%87%E4%BB%B6%E5%A4%B9/RMUC2021_battleground_V1.1_0119.stp

If the link doesn’t work, please email me yulin6@ualberta.ca
The file is huge. It might takes 10~20 mins to open.


Does anyone have the RMUL field?

Almost a year later, but I stumbled on this for the 3v3 RMUL 2022 field, seems to be via a team: