RMUL-NA Hosting Qualification

RMUL-NA Hosting Qualification

Edition 1.0 - 10/14/2021

If you are a RoboMaster team in the North America Region and are interested in hosting a RoboMaster University League Competition in the following years, this document would allow you to evaluate your qualification quickly. If there is any question not answered by this document, please contact Yibo Zheng @ discord: Yibo Zheng#9961 or narobomaster@gmail.com.

Terms Explain:

Operation: Any work that is related to the competition event, including but not limited to [advertising/promotion, fundraising, venue location, local media connection, traveling teams housing, teams transportation to the competition venue, volunteers recruiting and training, equipment rental, and borrowing, items/equipment logistic, construction/deconstruction of the event setup, technical solution of the competition system and the environment at the venue location, event broadcasting and commentary, video/photography production, sponsorships outreach, and reception].

Operating Company: Yinnovation LLC, a company that is registered in the United State, contracted with DJI-RoboMaster Committee and has the authority to operate and be responsible for the RoboMaster University Series in North America Region. Any contract or agreement or payment regarding the operation of any activities that occur within the North American region will be handled by the Operating Company.

Hosting Team: The team that is willing to host the competition and provide all kinds of resources to support the operation of the competition. Also will be involved in the operation at some level (will be explained below).

Hosting University: The University of the Hosting Team, which is willing to embrace the competition event and collaborate in the operation.

Operating Team: A combination of the Operating Company and the Hosting Team. The Operating Company will handle the majority of the operation. The Hosting Team will provide assistance if necessary. Any cost or expense during the operation will be paid or reimbursed by the Operating Company.

501c: The 501c(3) non-profit organization(s) that is used to raise funds for the operation. This means the raised funds will be paying the Operating Team and the Operating Company.

Sponsors: The company or entity that sponsors the event either financially, or provides the necessary equipment/space for the event. *Company or entity that only sponsors a particular RoboMaster team will not be the sponsor of the event.

Responsibility of each entity:

The Hosting Team will be responsible for:

  1. Provide a group of members with at least 6 people. These members need to be familiar with the nature of the competition. Team members preferred.

Person A, general operator: Collaborate on [volunteers recruiting, venue confirmation, equipment rental/purchase/borrowing, housing, dining, transportation, logistics, and other general matters (if no other staff to assign with)].

Person B, technical assistance: Collaborate on [equipment setup and tech-solving before and during the competition].

Person C, backstage assistance: Collaborate on [prep-zone operation]

Person D, advertising assistance: Collaborate on [social media and local press connection, in charge of video/photography production].

Person E, co-head of referee: Collaborate on [referee desk operation and referees training].

Person F, inspection assistance: Collaborate on [robots inspection].

  1. Volunteers recruiting and training. All the training to each department will be initially provided by the Operating Company. The 6 Persons from Hosting Team will need to be familiar with the training materials and proceed to the training session in their corresponding department.
  2. Be at the position all time. All members from the Operating Team are considered as staff members, standing by the responsible area and maintaining fairness during the entire operation will be the minimum requirement to each staff member. *Departments such as the construction group will be reassigned to other groups after the venue setup.

The Hosting University will provide the fundamental support of:

  1. Venue setup. If the competition is hosted on campus. The Operating Team will need instruction for setting up the event. All the regulations and limitations should be acknowledged before the Operating Team arrives. The Hosting University will provide technical support if it’s necessary such as ethernet connection, power supply, and light condition of the venue.
  2. Advertising/promotion assistance. The Hosting University will cooperate with the advertising operation as much as the school’s policy allows. Including but not limited to [announcement on school’s official website, banners/posters/flyers to be displayed on campus, rebroadcast the online streaming on different displays on campus, such as the TVs in school’s dining halls and academic buildings.

Benefit for the Hosting Team, Hosting University, and Sponsors

  1. Major exposure on social media not only within the North American region but anywhere in the world as the RoboMaster University League being broadcasted to.
  2. The Hosting Team will be given a real business opportunity of RoboMaster Youth League (RMYC).
  3. Additional exhibit booth at the venue for sponsors. Connection to the entire community of RoboMaster in North America including college and K-12 students.
    *We will use 501c(3) to accept the sponsorships and donations formally.