Permitted number of team members

Announcement regarding the permitted number of team members for entering the competition.

Definition of each area:

Preparation area: It is the assigned area where teams can prepare, repair and adjust robots. It will be labeled as “Team Room” at the venue.

Competition area: It is the main-field area, including the waiting area for the red/blue team, pilot control rooms, and the surrounding area of the arena where members can provide immediate assistance and support. It is labeled as “Pit Crew” in the competition manual.

Audience zone: the dedicated area for all audiences.

According to the updated competition rule: If you participate in 3v3, your team can bring up to 16 people into the competition area; if you only participate in 1v1, your team can bring up to 6 people.

*In the 3v3 competition, only 5+1 members are allowed to be at the competition area;
*In the 1v1 competition, only 2+1 members are allowed to be at the competition area.

During each match, the rest of the members can exit to the red/blue teams spectators area, which is a dedicated area near the audience zone, there will be a path connecting the competition area and the audience zone. No additional members would be permitted at the competition area.

The permitted members will remain unchanged until the next day of the competition event.

For teams that are bringing additional robots for the side competition, we expect you to have the additional robots fully prepared and not to occupy the resource at the competition. Your additional robots will not need to go through an inspection.

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