Open discussion of non-profit organization for your RM team

  1. RoboMaster NA Community is on the way to have its own 501c(3) code. The code would be ready to use this December by estimate.
  2. In theory, RMNA non-profit should be allowed to do fundraising for any RMNA team by the legitimate process. I have a lawyer who is an expert in this area (at least he is the best of the knowledge to me so far).
  3. According to my friend who is running her own 501c(3), you can use other non-profit entities to operate crowdfunding, as long as that org’s mission(s) align with what you are doing.
    exp: If a non-profit org has the mission of “encouraging young students to participate in STEM robotics event and team activities”; and it has been used for fundraising FRC events for high school students. In theory, this organization can raise funds for a RoboMaster team as well.
  4. Applying for a 501c(3) takes time and money. For small 501 which declare a fundraising cap of up to $50k costs about 6 months to process. But, it doesn’t mean you can not raise more than $50k, you just need to specify on the tax report.

This is the information I have so far regarding 501c(3), I hope it could be helpful at some level. If you found anything that I addressed was incorrect, please comment below or contact me on discord.

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