Intro meeting (Saturday, July 24th): Taproot, a framework for programming RoboMaster robots

Hey everyone!

As mentioned in our RMUL 2021 conference presentation, ARUW has been working on a software framework which we think others would benefit from. It is open-source and we are actively working on preparing onboarding content, tutorials and documentation.

Taproot’s goal is to drastically simplify the boilerplate code needed to get a RoboMaster robot up-and-running. It also improves the workflows, tooling and resultant quality of your code.

Right now, the library itself is very much production-ready (it is the foundation used to operate all our robots these past two years). However, getting started with it for the first time based purely on the documentation available right now would be rough.

For this reason, we’re holding a meeting to provide information to everyone interested in trying it out: both to help you make decisions on adopting this library and to give pointers on how to get started. This will be a community-run open-source project, and we will be looking for your feedback on how to progress.

If you are interested, and especially if you are a programmer, please drop by!

The meeting will be recorded, but we don’t yet know how the recording will be distributed once complete.


  • Meeting time: Saturday, July 24th, at 1:00 Pacific time
  • Meeting link (Zoom): join the Discord server. It is posted there and will be re-posted on Saturday.
  • Discord server: Taproot Library Community
  • Main code repository (soon to be renamed “taproot”): aruw / controls / aruwlib · GitLab
  • All our open-source repositories, including tutorial content and template projects: controls · GitLab