Important RM Recent Links

For those of you that didn’t get an email last night, there was an email sent out with a bunch of links and information. I’m going to go ahead and put them in here for everyone’s reference. Some of this is already known, and some of it is actually hidden on the Robomaster website.

English Links
RMUC 2022 Final Assessment
RMUT Final Assessment
RMUL Referee System Exam
Postponement of RM 2022 University Series
Up-to-Date Manuals
Pass List of RMU 2022 Referee System Exam (in January '22)
Pass list of RMUT 2022 Season Plan

The following links are strictly in Mandarin and not easy to find but important to reference or use
Mandarin Links
Ref System Borrowing Process and Associated Charges
RMUL Client & Server (Versions & respectively)
RMUC Client & Server (Versions & respectively)
RM Tool 2 (for updating firmware on Referee System)
Updated Serial Protocol 1.3
ROS Drivers for RM AI Robot