Board Meeting of RMNA Community

Dear RoboMaster teams,
This is an official announcement on the behalf of the RoboMaster North America - Operation Group.
We are initiating a recurring board meeting for all RoboMaster teams that are participating in the regional competition(s) in the North America site. The board meeting is mandatory and the attendance of your team will affect your qualification for the competition.

The first board meeting will be hosted on [April 30th from 2 pm to 3 pm EST].
Recurring Google Meet link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 321-684-7315‬ PIN: ‪613 192 016‬#
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The community of RoboMaster-NA has extended outside the North American region. We sincerely appreciate the effort from every individual who was trying to make RoboMaster become a greater competition. As we are embracing more and more teams into the game, it’s time to set up some basic guidelines for our community. We need to ensure the transparency of the decisions and keep the competition environment new-team-friendly.

In every board meeting, we will discuss the upcoming event, official announcement, important notifications, and charitable donations. We will also use each board meeting to collect updates and requests from each team.

Our community is gaining public recognition as we are growing, so please stay professional, stay knowledgeable, and stay enthusiastic.

Yibo Zheng
The operator of RoboMaster North America