RMNA Forum Contribution Award - notice

Your contribution will be awarded!

Dear RoboMaster members, to appreciate your contribution to our community forum, and to encourage continuous supports among each other, we are opening the award section of this platform.

The contribution will be accounted as either [Personal] or [Team],
Accordingly, the types of prizes will be provided as [Merch/Souvenir/Accessories] and [Robot’s materials/Competition Supplies].

The awarding period will be split into three major time frames [Pre-Season], [In-Season], and [Off-Season] which are corresponding to the time of [before the competition registration open], [during the competition season], and [after RoboMaster University Championship]

The details of the prizes and awarding system are in the process and will be released soon.

Right now, please begin to Engage, Interact, and Contribute!

Yibo Zheng
RMNA Operator

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